Olga A. LaMont was born and raised in Russia.  After her High School graduation, she enrolled at Moscow State University where she received a Post Graduate degree in Chemistry. After graduation, Olga worked as a Scientist in a Scientific Research Institution in Moscow.  While Chemistry was her profession, she had been interested in art all of her life. Being very religious, she started to study iconography and Cathedral Frescos in the Sergiev Posad Lavra and Monastery. After five years, her interest had grown to the point that she turned towards the Russian Portraitist School. In the year of 1997, she decided to pursue her interest in Fine Art and enrolled at the world renowned Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry established in 1825, which is one of the oldest Russian schools for the industrial, monumental and decorative art and design.  After moving from Moscow to Houston, Texas, U.S.A., Olga enrolled at the University of Houston; graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Summa Cum Laude.  At the same time she also studied and has become an art historian.



From early childhood, with her family’s profession and later her husband’s career she was put  in a position of non-stop traveling throughout her life.  Different parts of the world, different countries, different experiences.  As a visual artist, she observed the world and drew her own conclusions of events in various manners, through writing, sketching images, photography and painting.  The most interesting and important events settled in her mind and later developed into finished artwork.  Very often, her paintings are responding to political events and other current events realized in a surrealistic manner.  The conception of an idea dictates a method of realization, technique, materials, media, size and etc.  A large part of her time and attentions is paid to portraits, which she sees as a very sensitive indicator of measuring the frame of mind of man and society.  Portraits can be realized in the classical realistic style or can be painted in a contemporary fashion.  She is equally familiar working with oil, acrylic and watercolor media, but prefers oil and acrylic.  For the most part her paintings are on canvas and wood.